Area Rug Cleaning: The Process!

Area Rug Cleaning_ The Process!
April 27, 2022

A beautiful touch of color, design, and substance perks up any room with an area rug. But how is it supposed to be kept clean? Meal spills, pet paws, and foot movement may rapidly gather dust, filth, and debris on a carpet.

Having such a household object comes with a certain amount of obligation. Area Rug cleaning is something that each rug owner should know. Of course, the process will differ based on the kind of rug. If the carpet is vintage, Persian, or Oriental — which are more delicate – hire an expert to prevent loss.

It is critical to get your rugs done professionally every 18 to 24 months. A professional area rug cleaner will eliminate dirt and grime, revitalize colors, and eventually give it a thorough clean. Area rug cleaning service professionals focus on tailoring the cleaning strategy to the rug’s specific needs. It lets them address specific stains, if any, on the area rugs.

The Area Rug Cleaning Process  


Inspection Of Rug

The rug expert will examine both the top and backside of your rug, snap pictures, and record any repairs or special attention needed. The examination will involve a discussion with you about the area rug.

Details include where it comes from, how much use it receives in your house, and any queries or concerns you have. Professional area rug cleaning technicians also look out for rips, stain marks, or damage. It is essential so that the rug does not get damaged during the cleaning process.


Vacuuming Rug

The technicians vacuum the area rug to remove loose dirt or dust following the examination. Much of the pet dander, hair, and grit get eliminated during this phase. The specialists will also assist you in carefully moving any lightweight objects from the carpeting.

Usually, area rug cleaning services use commercial-grade vacuum cleaners. These are heavy-duty and capable of capturing the maximum amount of dust and soil.

Spot Treatment 

Technicians begin the rug cleaning process by addressing any areas that require additional care. To maximize the odds of removal, any specifically tough spots would be pre-treated with specific solutions. The border is also pre-treated to remove as much soil as possible.

Applying spot treatment solutions beforehand lets them work on the stain particles. The cleaning solution remains on the rug for a set period. It then lifts the stain out of the rug fibers. It then gets easy to remove while scrubbing. Area rug cleaners decide on the spot treatment agent based on the rug type.

Apply Rug Shampoo 

Rug Shampoo

First, the technicians will saturate the rug with water. Following it, they pour the shampoo as directed. They brush the area rug firmly with a brush, scrubbing it until it gets coated in froth or foam. During scrubbing, they pay special attention to soiled or very filthy spots. Professional area rug cleaners brush the dirty areas with concentrated detergent to allow faster dirt removal.

Hot Water Extraction 

Hot Water Extraction

Then, specialists deep clean using specialized rug cleaning machines. This machine injects hot water throughout the area rug to dissolve any dirt deep inside the fibers. It then removes the water and grime.

The rug cleaning machine’s strong vacuum eliminates a substantial volume of water, allowing the rug to dry fast. Rug cleaning services also use powerful truck-mounted machinery to steam clean. These devices create a powerful vacuum force that extracts deeply set grime.


Drying Rug

Lastly, the area rugs are put to air dry. The technicians may ask you to open doors and windows during this phase. They also use industrial air movers and fans to facilitate faster drying.

Else, you might let the area rug dry outdoors if the weather is sunny. It should take a couple of hours before you can use it again.


Grooming Rug

The area rug cleaners groom the rug once it is dry enough. They set the nap and align the fringes by hand. It allows for detangling any fibers which might have got tangled during cleaning. Also, they detangle the frills. It leaves your rugs ready to use again while appearing spotless and fresh.

Can I Clean An Area Rug Myself?

Cleaning your area rug is a simple task that you can complete manually. Unless your area rug is exceptionally fragile (for instance, a vintage, Persian rug, or ethnic rug), there’s no reason to contact expert rug cleaners for the job.

The frequency with which you must wash your area rug depends on its location. Rugs placed in high-traffic locations will require extra cleaning. However, a general rule of thumb is to wait till the area rug is unclean before deep cleaning it.

To clean the rug yourself, vacuum it from both sides. Then, apply a rug shampoo and agitate the fibers thoroughly. Post that, rinse it under a garden hose to rid of the dirt and grime.