8 Efficient Methods To Deep Clean Carpet At Home

Efficient Methods To Deep Clean Carpet At Home
January 3, 2023

If your carpet looks dull and soiled, here is the solution. In this article, we will discuss how to deep clean carpets at home.

Cleaning carpets regularly is very crucial, as they are a crucial part of our home. We don’t want our house to look dirty, dusty, or unhygienic. Dirty carpets can be harmful to our loved ones as they are home to millions of germs and bacteria.

How To Deep Clean Carpet At Home?

Shift Furniture 

Before starting the cleaning process, shift your furniture to a safe place. It will be easier for you to clean your carpets without any obstacles. Moreover, by moving your furniture, you will be able to clean the hidden spots under the furniture efficiently, which may not be cleaned for a long time.

Tuck Up The Curtains

Tuck up your curtains before you start vacuuming so they will not get in the way of cleaning. Moreover, there is a risk that you end up tearing your curtains or making them dirty while cleaning the carpets. To save them from the chaos, tuck them up before starting the process.


Pick up all the items from the carpet, like toys, ornaments, utensils, and other items, to make sure that no valuables are vacuumed and to make the vacuuming process easy, smooth, and less chaotic. By keeping things organized, your home will look even cleaner when the carpets are clean.


There are several reasons to vacuum your carpet before cleaning. Make sure no obstacles are in the way of vacuuming, and then finally, you can start up the cleaning process. Vacuum your carpets thoroughly in a criss-cross pattern. Keep it at the highest suction and gently vacuum all the corners and edges of your carpets. Don’t miss out on any corners of your carpet.

Check For The Tag 

Check for the tag or label on your carpet. It will be specified on that label which cleaning products and methods are proper and appropriate for cleaning that specific carpet. So, using random cleaning solutions won’t harm your carpets.

Treat The Stains 

Use cold water, as hot water can shrink the carpet fibers, and apply the cleaning solution right onto the stain. Leave it for some time, and then use a clean white microfiber towel to blot the stain. By doing this, it will be easier for you to clean the spot effectively and efficiently.

If you don’t have commercial cleaning solutions, then you can use baking soda to remove pet stains. But always test it on the hidden small part of your carpet to see if there is any discoloration of the carpet. If it damages the carpet, don’t apply the solution to the other parts of your carpet.

Pro Tip: Usually, don’t let the stain or spill dry. Blot them immediately as soon as they fall on the carpet. Cleaning it right away will ensure that no impressions are left behind and will also prevent the stain from damaging the carpet fibers by preventing the stain from penetrating them. Additionally, it will be easier for you to clean the carpet afterward.

Home Steam Cleaner 

You can also use a home steam cleaner. It can save you money, and if you spill something, you can use it right away to clean it up. This will save your carpets from getting damaged, and you will be able to clean them on the spot. The hot steam will penetrate the carpet fibers and remove the stains and spills from the root. It will leave your carpets clean, fresh, odor-free, and allergen-free.

Let It Dry

Let your carpets dry after completing the cleaning process. Don’t allow your loved ones to walk immediately on the freshly cleaned carpets. Allow the air to dry out the carpet and isolate that place for some time. You can also turn on the air conditioner to speed up the process. This will let your carpets completely dry and will keep them clean for a longer period.

Summing Up

Now you must have come to know how to deep clean carpet at home. Regular deep cleaning of your carpets is crucial to keep our loved ones safe and healthy. It also prolongs the life of your carpets and saves them from wear and tear.

Following these 8 effective and efficient cleaning methods, your carpets will regain their clean, fresh, and beautiful look. If you can’t clean your carpets deeply, or if some stains are stubborn enough to be removed only by professional carpet cleaners, then immediately contact them.