How Do I Stop My House Smelling Of Dog?

How do I stop my house smelling of dog_
May 13, 2022

Dogs are man’s best friends, which goes without a doubt. They are adorable little fluff balls that fill your lives with happiness. While they’re merry creatures, their odor is not. It often happens that their smell lingers around the house no matter how much you clean.

You may look for pet accidents around the house to see if the odor emanates. But, at times, it gets trapped in inconspicuous places. And it is difficult to get rid of the smell. How do I stop my house from smelling of dogs might be a persistent question to you.

Read about some ways to get rid of dog smell in this blog post.

Ways On How Do I Stop My House Smelling Of Dog?

Wash Your Dog’s Bed 

A dog’s bed should be easily the most smelly place. It traps saliva, pet dander, and dirt. Most of the beds come with a slip-on cover. As for the rest of the bed, you can vacuum it.

Remove the bed cover and put it in the washing machine. Vacuum the bed twice a week. Sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda over it. Let that sit overnight. Vacuum it afterward. If the bed is washable, toss it in the laundry twice a week. Else, try to steam clean it. Steam is an effective tool to kill allergens and germs.

Vacuum Everything

Your dog roams around everywhere in the house. As a result, you can find pet dander, dirt, hair, and paw prints on just about everything. Vacuum the floors, carpets, and rugs every day. Sprinkle baking soda in places where your pet spends most of its time.

Baking soda is pet friendly and harmless. It is an excellent odor-neutralizer. Let the soda stay in place overnight. Vacuum up afterward. Try and vacuum all the things you can- pillows, mats, couches, furniture, drapes, curtains. Also, change the vacuum filters from time to time. It is the most efficient and easy technique to remove pet dander and hair that causes odor.

Get Air Purifiers  

Air purifiers cut down odors and allergens in the house. They filter out airborne particles, which are often the cause of a foul smell. Ensure that you use a HEPA filter. It is known to remove maximum particulates and even microscopic irritants in the air.

Change your filters regularly. When you take out a filter after long, it should have a dusty coat. Carefully put it in a garbage bag. It will ensure the dust does not spread in the house. Replace the filters every two months.

Steam Clean The Carpets

Steam cleaning is an effective way to deal with pet odors. Steam is a natural disinfectant and odor neutralizer. Clear your carpet of all the objects. Put your dog away before you begin steam cleaning. Always use a pet-friendly carpet cleaning agent that goes well with the steam cleaner machine.

Start by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. Slightly wet the carpeting and spritz the cleaning solution. Set up your steam cleaning machine. Work in small sections, overlapping each patch with equal strokes. Allow the carpet to dry completely before allowing the dog on it.

Steam cleaning eliminates odors and also kills any allergens and bacteria lurking inside. Overall, it is a good option for you and your pet’s well-being. If you do not have a steam cleaner at home, rent one or hire steam cleaning services.

Wash The Linens

Any fabric your pet lounges on can develop a dog smell. It is a good idea to send it through a wash cycle often. Use a good-quality laundry detergent that is safe for your pets. Try and use hot water to wash the linens whenever possible.

Takedown all the washable things- curtains, drapes, pillow covers, bedsheets, mats, throw blankets, etc. Run them on the appropriate cycle as per the fabric material. This set includes your clothing because your dog lives near you all the time. Allow it to dry completely, preferably in the sunlight, as it kills additional germs.

Introduce Pleasant Scents

You might have cleaned the entire house meticulously, but it smells like a dog. Sometimes, masking an irritating smell helps as well. Use scented candles and air fresheners in the home. Ensure to use mild fragrances that are pet-friendly.

Alternatively, you can add pet-safe indoor plants. Plants remove 87% of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air every 24 hours. Although it might not directly remove pet odors, it helps to keep your indoor air pure. It, in turn, reduces lingering dog smells in your house.

Let In Fresh Air

Nothing beats a fresh draft of air through a window. It works well when it comes to dog smells. Open doors and windows as much as you can. It can be expensive to do this in the middle of summer or winter. Thus, try to schedule your house cleaning in mild weather. That is when you can open the doors and windows fully.

Alternatively, to enable air circulation, turn on the ceiling fans. Even turn on the fan in your HVAC system. It facilitates to spread of the odor-causing molecules around.

Bath Your Dog Daily

Last but not least- bathe your dog often. Your dog runs around the lawns, playgrounds, and all around the home. During the day, it picks up all kinds of germs and dirt. Make it a routine to bathe the dog with good-quality pet shampoo and conditioner. Groom its coat and rake it to remove falling hair.

Check its paws, nails, teeth, and ears regularly. Sometimes, a dog might be clean and yet smell odd. The reason might be a hidden ailment. Take your dog to the vet if it smells weird, even after bathing it frequently. Make sure to dry your dog totally before letting it loose.

The Bottom Line 

Dogs are adorable furry friends that fill our lives with happiness. As much as we love them, we hate their lingering smell. To prevent your house from smelling like dogs, you need to clean it regularly. Follow the above tips to maintain hygiene and a dog-odor-free environment at home. Or You can call a professional pet odor removal Service.

Keeping track of your dog’s health is equally important. It does not always smell due to its outdoor activities. Sometimes, a foul dog smell can indicate an underlying health issue. Visit the vet for routine checkups and vaccination. Keep the dog toys, leash, and collar clean. Also, make sure it has a healthy diet to keep its health in proper shape.

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