5 Signs Of Water Damage In Walls

5 Signs Of Water Damage In Walls

Water is said to be living a crucial resource that everyone requires. We use water for drinking as well as many other things in our day-to-day life. But this water becomes unwanted and hated by everyone when it starts damaging our homes during the water damage situations.

Water damage is a severe problem, and it becomes life-threatening if neglected for a long time. There are several cases of accidents due to water damage, in which many people lost their lives and a tremendous amount of property damage.

There are several potential reasons for water damage. Sometimes it happens due to natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, and surges. While it usually occurs due to broken pipes, damaged plumbing, molds, and blockages.

It is usually ignored when it is happening inside the walls. Still, there are some signs of water damage in walls you can notice and fix; before it becomes a costly and time-consuming task.

Alarming Signs Of Water Damage In Walls

Wet Spot

Water Spots On The Wall

If spots or patches are visible on your walls, there is leakage inside your wall. Drywalls absorb the water from the source of leakage and cause a stain or patch on the wall. If the spot is dark, it shows that the leakage just started. And brown, yellow, or chalky spots mean it is old. An old patch does not indicate that leakage has stopped. You still need to inspect and get it fixed.

Wall Cracks

Wall Crack

Wall cracks are another sign of water damage in your home when it is constantly in contact with water & sheetrock behind the wall absorbs too much water. The wall material begins to crack, and the paint or wallpaper over the wall starts pilling. If you ignore water damage for a long time, these cracks expand and lead to structural damage. You should repair the water damage as soon as you find cracks on your walls.


Molds On The Wall

The main reason for mold is moisture; it usually grows in areas with higher moisture content. So, if there is visible black or brown spot on your walls or ceiling, it is mold. Mold is neither good for walls nor your and your family members’ health. It spread various health problems. Mold spreads rapidly, that is why it becomes necessary to clean the mold and stop the source of moisture and water damage.


Water Leakage From Wall

Leakage is the most common sign of water damage; It usually occurs when it rains outside. If water drips from walls, ceilings, or other interiors of your home, it indicates structural and water damage. This type of damage is too risky; it can demolish the whole house if not fixed early because it damages the inner material like concrete, steel, sheetrock, and wood.

Musty Odor

When there is water damage inside your walls, the wetness and moisture cause a musty odor in the house like wet paper or wet cardboard. This smell becomes intense as the wall absorbs more water, so you can also guess the intensity of water damage by the smell. If you smell such odor around, you should immediately check for the water damage.

Fix water damage in your walls now!

Water damage requires immediate attention; it becomes risky and expensive if not fixed in the early stage. It is better to let professionals handle the damage they are experienced and perform the task effectively. So if you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, connect with local water respiration professionals.