Important 5 Steps To Prevent Mold after Water Damage

Important Steps To Prevent Mold after Water Damage
August 23, 2022

No matter what the cause is, water damage in a home or commercial space is a frightening experience. Water damage causes significant property loss, and sometimes it becomes life-threatening too. But the real problem begins after the water damage.

Water damage restoration is a challenging task, and the most worrying part is the chances of mold growth after the damage. Water damage creates the most advantageous conditions for the spread of mold and mildew. The mold can cause significant damage to your furniture, upholstery, carpets, floors, and walls.

Mold growth can begin within 24-48 hours of water damage.  So you have to be very quick with the precautions to prevent mold growth. Here in this blog, we have enlisted some steps to prevent mold after water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Steps To Prevent Mold After Water Damage

Disconnect Power Supply 

It is a crucial thing that you should do as a priority when you experience water damage due to natural disasters like floods. You should immediately disconnect the power supply. If you find it difficult, call an electrician for the same. In case of burst pipes or leakages, you can avoid this step.

Find Water Source & Stop It 

In case of internal damage like bursts or leakage, find the source of water and stop it. If the reason is damaged plumbing, shut the main valve off. And in case of natural causes, remove the water from your home as soon as possible. You can also use wet-dry vacuums or pumps to remove the water.

Remove and Clean Your Belongings

As soon as remove the water from your home, segregate your belongings, and clean and disinfect them. The chances of mold growth are fast on porous materials like upholstery, wooden furniture, carpets, and anything made from fabric, textiles, leather, or paper. So you first have to dry these materials, disinfect them thoroughly and keep them in a safe place.

Dry The Property & Claim Insurance 

After you shift your belonging to a safe place, let your home dry completely. Floors, walls, ceiling, everything should be completely dry. Make sure your property is dry within 48 hours of water damage; otherwise, the chances of mold growth increase. At the same time, contact your insurance company and claim your insurance if you have one.

Contact Water Damage Restoration Company

Once you claim the insurance and all the areas are dry, you would need the help of professionals to thoroughly clean and disinfect your property so that there are no chances of mold growth. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle;e water damage restoration tasks. They clean and disinfect your property in the minimum possible time.

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